News and Reports


  • Annual Reports - Annual reports covering tax collection and performance.
  • Basic Tax Guides And Publications - Contains brochures, pamphlets, and guides developed to assist and educate taxpayers on specific or general tax topics and programs administered by the Louisiana Department of Revenue.
  • Electronic Services - Contain brochures and guides for electronic funds transfer and electronic filing programs.
  • Legislative Summaries - Contain annual summaries and listings of tax-related legislation since 1996.
  • Statistical Publications & Reports - Include the Department's annual reports and tax exemption budget reports.
  • Tax Manuals - Are publications containing tax laws, regulations, and general information for a specific tax or group of taxes.
  • Tax Topics - Contains issues of the quarterly tax newsletter published by the Department.

News Releases

Notices of information made available to the media by the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Important Announcements

Contains Hot Topics, Important Announcements, and What's New.

Tax Topics Subscription Service

Be notified by e-mail whenever the Department posts a new Tax Topic on its website.

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