Individuals and businesses can use the following services below to file or pay their taxes online.

E-Services for Individuals

Individuals can file electronically using LDR's Internet program. You can help us get your refund to you quicker by requesting Direct Deposit on your electronically filed individual income tax return. Direct debit is also available to pay your individual income taxes.

Federal/State eFile is available to you through tax professionals or at home when your purchase tax preparation software. Federal/State e-file is a one-stop service available to taxpayers to file both their Federal and State individual income tax returns electronically at the same time. Federal/State eFile is simple, secure and fast!

Individual Income Online Tax Filing

Individual Income Credit Card Payments

Where's My Refund

Taxpayers may check the status of their individual income tax return refunds via the Department's refund status web page or by using the Department's automated telephone system (dial 1-888-829-3071 toll-free, or 922-3270 for the Baton Rouge area). You will need to provide your social security number and the amount of refund requested. This service is available 24 hours a day.

E-Services for Businesses

Currently sales, severance oil and gas, and withholding tax electronic return filing is available. The option to submit electronic payments is also available for these taxes and most business taxes.

Filing via Third Party - Businesses have the option to file their sales tax via a third party vendor OR to develop their own programs. For more information, contact the Louisiana Electronic Filing Help Desk at (225) 219-2488.

Parish E-File

Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point (LaTAP)

W2/L3 Annual Reconciliation (LaWage)

Severance Oil & Gas Filing Program

Business Tax Credit Card Payments

Composite Partnership Extensions & Payments

Online Business Registration

Online Payment Vouchers

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Taxpayers whose average payments exceed $5,000 are required to make electronic payments or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT). Taxpayers whose payment amounts do not fall within the mandated thresholds may volunteer to pay electronically, provided the Department is prepared to accept electronic payments for the tax type requested. Payments may be submitted by ACH Debit using LDR's online Debit payment program or telephone-based Debit program, or taxpayers may initiate ACH Credit payments via their financial institutions.

For more detailed information, download Louisiana Electronic Funds Transfer Guidelines, R-20201.

Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) of Tax Payment, R-20193-L

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions