Credit Card Payments

Because we remain committed to customer service, the Louisiana Department of Revenue is pleased to accept your tax payments via credit card.

Your dealings with us should be as quick and painless as possible. Now, making a payment is as easy as visiting our website or picking up the phone and dialing.

Sure, some folks love to use the mail. For those folks who prefer to take advantage of current technology, this is a quick, convenient, and secure method of making certain that your payments are received and posted correctly and on-time.

Removal of License and Permit Liens via Credit Card Payment

The Louisiana Department of Revenue recently began a cooperative project with all other state agencies that provides for suspension and revocation of licenses and permits previously issued to taxpayers that have failed to meet their tax obligations.

Taxpayers using credits cards to pay outstanding balances due the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) must plan for additional transaction time if license and permit liens (for example, driver, fishing and hunting licenses, etc.) have been levied for prior non payment. Once taxpayer obligations are met, within 72 hours, LDR will notify and authorize the issuing state agencies to remove such liens.

Reminder to Taxpayers Processing Tax Returns via Credit Card Payment

The Louisiana Department of Revenue provides for secured payment of returns through use of credit card vendors. Should you choose this option, you can expect payment processing to be completed within 3 or 4 business days of the transaction.

Kindly keep in mind that although your credit card transaction will post to your credit card statement upon payment, this processing, like other electronic transactions of this sort, is completed through third part vendors (Official Payments Corp. and Payment Tech, Inc.). Should funds be transmitted by these vendors to LDR on weekends or holidays, your payment will be processed on the following business day. In such cases, please allow additional time, up to 6 days, for processing.

In the event that your payment takes over 6 days to post to your LDR account, please feel free to call our taxpayer services department for additional assistance.