Resale Certificate

Print Resale Certificates

If your resale certificate is expiring, or you want to apply for a resale certificate, you must apply online through LDR’s LaTAP system. You will need the following information to begin the application process:

  • Account numbers for all locations
  • Locations and mailing addresses for all business locations
  • Current NAICS code
  • A valid e-mail address
  • Last 2 years of resale inventory purchase amounts (for consolidated filers, purchase amounts should consist of the combined purchases of all members of the consolidation)

Enter a valid 10-digit LDR account number or 11-digit Location ID.

Please note – With a recent system upgrade, Sales Tax Customers who have multiple locations, and report sales under a “consolidated account” were changed to utilize location IDs, rather than the LDR account numbers for those locations.

You will need to use the location ID rather than the prior LDR account number.


10-digit LDR account number: 1234567001

11-digit Location ID: B12345678901

If you cannot validate the account or location ID and need further assistance, please contact LDR at 855-307-3893; option 2; option 4 or email at

If you do not have a LaTAP account, it will be necessary to establish one.

Resale Certificate Validation


  1. Enter your sales tax account number (Seller’s LA Account Number) as it appears on your sales tax registration certificate.
  2. Next, enter your business name (Seller’s Business Name) as it appears on your sales tax registration certificate.
  3. Press "Enter."
  4. Once your account number has been confirmed, the resale certificate validation screen will appear.
    1. Enter the account number from the resale certificate in the "Purchaser’s Louisiana Account Number" box.
    2. Enter the purchaser’s legal name in the "Purchaser’s Business Name" box. Press "Enter."
  • If the Louisiana account number entered holds a valid resale exemption, a message will appear with the account number and name confirming the account holder’s resale exemption and the expiration date of the exemption.
  • If the Louisiana account number entered does not hold a valid resale exemption, a message will appear stating the account number is not valid for the resale exemption.
  • Resale exemptions are updated daily. However, if the business has recently opened, validation may only be available within approximately one week of registration.